the trial & relevant documents

In September 2013, immediately after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, the Greek Police arrested the leadership of Golden Dawn, as well as tens of its party officials and members, who were involved in the criminal activities included in the huge case file. After a long inquest which lasted 9 months, the Court of Appeal decided with irrevocable decree that 69 individuals, including all of Golden Dawn’s Parliamentary Group from the 2012 elections, will stand trial charged with participation in a criminal organisation. Described in the 1109 pages of the decree are all of the crimes committed by Golden Dawn party officials and members since 2008.


On 20th April 2015 one of the most important trials in contemporary Greek history will begin. It is set to be a huge process that is expected to last several months. The victims and their relatives will join the proceedings as a civil party in three cases, the case of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, the case of attempted murder and attacks on Egyptian fishermen, as well as the case of attempted murder against the trade unionists from PAME (Trade Union Front). We believe that this trial concerns all of us, because the outcome will be a milestone as much in local politics as in Greek society. Golden Dawn themselves are trying to establish a regime of fear and to keep their actions secret. Until now, whenever its members of parliament, party officials or members has been involved in trials, the organisation has used terror tactics both inside and outside of the courtroom and tried to establish a regime of fear.

Due to the huge significance of this trial, we consider it our obligation to monitor it closely and our duty to overcome fear.



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