Golden Dawn Watch is an initiative to monitor the trial against Golden Dawn, organised by the Hellenic League for Human Rights, the Greek Observatory against Fascism and Racist Speech in the Media, which works as part of the Educational Foundation of ESIEA (Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers), the Antifascist League of Athens and Piraeus, and the City of Athens Migrants’ Integration Council. The main aspect of this initiative is the website, which will be managed by an editorial group. The initiative is already supported in various ways by antiracist and antifascist organisations, foundations, NGOs, citizens’ groups and migrant organisations.


  • to make public all information concerning Golden Dawn’s actions and to illuminate all aspects of the trial
  • for every citizen, in Greece and abroad, to have continuous and reliable information about everything that happens inside and outside of the courtroom throughout the duration of the trial
  • to provide analysis from specialists, lawyers and the monitoring team of GDW
  • to keep Golden Dawn and its actions in the light


The initiative Golden Dawn Watch, through accredited colleagues, will monitor the trial from the courtroom, each day, from the beginning to the end. Our work will include:

  • publishing a summary report after each day at court
  • translating this report into English, so as to keep the international public informed
  • publishing on a regular basis commentaries on the coverage of the Golden Dawn trial in the Greek press, which will be carried out by the working group from the Greek Observatory against Fascism and Racist Speech in the Media.


  • provide analysis, commentaries and the opinions of specialists, experts and lawyers in the form of:
    – interviews
    – original and/or republished articles and texts
    – radio programmes
    – leaflets
    – audio and audio-visual material etc.
  • organise events, with the collaboration and support of other bodies, in order to inform as wide a public as possible about the development of the trial
  • come into contact with organisations and bodies from Greece and abroad who share the same aims and concerns, in order to initiate the creation of a large network of interested parties
  • provide, through our colleagues, specialised and detailed information to journalists from Greece and abroad, to specialists, but also to all those who are interested in the trial.

Because we believe that only a well-informed and sensitised public can develop a strong resistance against the spread of racism, fascism and Neo-Nazism and ultimately, against fear.