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    The Far Right and Antifa

    In this episode of Making Contact, we explore the past and present of the far right and anti-fascism. We begin with a story from Athens on the murder and investigation of Greek rapper, Pavlos Fyssas. In the second half of the show, historian and author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, Mark Bray, describes anti-fascist responses

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    Golden Dawn trial disrupted after tensions lead to scuffles

    Source: ekathimerini Judges hearing an ongoing case against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party had to leave the courtroom on Tuesday after scuffles broke out between the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ supporters. Tuesday’s hearing related to an attack by suspected Golden Dawn members on a branch of Antipnoia in June 2008, in which two members of the

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    Patra mayor vows to keep fighting neo-Nazi Golden Dawn

    Patra Mayor Costas Peletidis was cheered by a crowd of supporters on Monday as he left a courtroom in the western city following the postponement of his trial on charges of violation of duty. The charges were brought against Peletidis in 2015 by Michalis Arvanitis, then a would-be MP for Golden Dawn, after the mayor

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    How the rise of Donald Trump has re-energised Greece’s neo-Nazis

    By Anthee Carassava Source: The Independent Greece’s most prominent neo-Nazi movement says it has found a new surge in support following Donald Trump’s election as US President, and that his ban on travellers from some Muslim-majority countries “validates” the group’s far-right views. Stirring a hardline, nationalistic element in Greece, the new President’s controversial immigration ban

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    Far-right MP storms Athens school over refugee classes

    Golden Dawn politician and his far-right supporters threaten staff for plans to offer classes to refugee children. Dozens of far-right supporters led by a member of Greece’s parliament have stormed a school in the capital, Athens, threatening staff over plans to provide classes to refugee children, according to Greek officials. Yiannis Lagos, an MP with

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    Greece’s Trade Unionists Stand Against Fascists

    KEVIN OVENDEN AN IMAGE of Adolf Hitler, his right hand upturned giving the fuehrer’s salute. “Millions stand behind me!” — his boastful slogan. To complete the photomontage, towering behind him the outsized cutout of a German capitalist stuffing millions of Reichsmarks into Hitler’s palm. ?? The Meaning of the Hitler Salute is one of the

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    Interview: Golden Dawn and the Revival of European Fascism

    As the ongoing Golden Dawn trial exposes the extent of fascist reach in Greece, teleSUR talks to prosecution lawyer Thanasis Kampagiannis about the importance of anti-fascist movements and just how deep state collaboration with Golden Dawn goes. There is a common thread that runs from France’s National Front to the U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump:

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    Two years after the murder of the antifascist Pavlos Fyssas by Golden Dawn Thanassis Kampagiannis On the occasion of the second anniversary of the murder of Greek antifascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, we are re-publishing from Left Flank the analysis of the crime and the neo-Nazi organisation behind it, Golden Dawn, written by Thanassis Kampagiannis, one

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    17 September 2015 Emboldened by the release of Ioannis Lagos, the last Golden Dawn MP held on remand pending trial, the criminal organisation of Golden Dawn has begun to capitalise on its crimes, attempting to attract publicity for its election campaign. In publicly accepting the “political responsibility” for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, Golden Dawn

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    Τhe presentation of Thanassis Kampagiannis at the open discussion “Golden Dawn Trial, an international event. Why does it matter to Greece and beyond”, organized by AnalyzeGreece!, Athens, 6.5.2015.
    Thanassis Kampagiannis is a lawyer, civil action representative at the Golden Dawn trial, member of Jail Golden Dawn initiative.

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    Greek hard-right politicians in the dock for murder

    ALJAZEERA: Thanassis Kabayiannis is confident the end is near for the controversial right-wing political party that has made inglorious headlines since entering the Greek parliament with 18 members of parliament in 2012.

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    The Golden Dawn trial is a legitimate criminal case, not political persecution

    LSE – EUROPP:The trial of several members of the Greek political party Golden Dawn is set to resume on 7 May, with charges ranging from murder to participation in a criminal organisation. Emmanuel Melissaris writes on the legality of the trial and the accusation that it amounts to little more than the political persecution of the party. He argues that despite Golden Dawn’s protestations, from a legal perspective the trial is a legitimate criminal prosecution.

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    EFSYN Journalists themselves number among the organization’s primary targets. Nikos Michaloliakos’ “political” career began four decades ago with a similar attack: the savage lynching of journalist democrats by a neofascist group at the funeral of Evangelos Mallios, one of the military junta’s archtorturers. Michaloliakos was arrested but never tried. The charges against him were dropped

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    Greek far-right Golden Dawn leaders go on trial

    BBC All 18 of Golden Dawn’s MPs in the previous Greek parliament are among the defendants, but only a handful of them were in the specially-built courtroom for the start of the trial.