DAY 129: “TIME’S UP”

129th Hearing, Women’s Wing, Korydallos Prison, February 23rd, 2017

I. Access to the Court
The courtroom remains open to the public upon presentation of a state ID card, which is retained by court authorities for the duration of the session, until all audience seats in the courtroom are filled. Many journalists and spectators showed up in court today.

ΙΙ. Presence and representation of the defendants

None of the defendants was present at the hearing, and most of them were represented by their counsels.
III. Examination of witness Georgios Miliarakis (a member of the Antipnoia community space) continues
A. Examination by the civil action counsels
The witness answered questions in turn by civil action counsels Sapountzakis, Stratis, Malagaris, Tzellis, Papadopoulou, Tobatzoglou, and Kabagiannis.
The witness testified that this was a surprise attack which was carried out within a specific timeframe. As he said, the assailants had deadly intent, while the target of Golden Dawn’s attacks are immigrants and people in the leftist and anarchist sections of the political spectrum.
He also said that on that day, immediately after the attack, they published an announcement on the internet as a collective. This announcement mentioned by name the four witnesses (Ruben, Miliarakis, Margari, and Gerouki) and specified Golden Dawn as the perpetrator of the attack. He also said that the activity of the Golden Dawn’s parliamentary group can’t be separated from the assault squads, since the Golden Dawn MPs participated in many of the attacks carried out by assault squads.
Responding to relevant questions, the witness stated that the Antipnoia squat participated in antifascist actions and that the attack had political overtones. He also mentioned that the first person that entered the community space shouted, “Greetings by Golden Dawn. We’ll fuck you up”, and also that one of the attackers was holding a knife that had a swastika on it.
B. Examination of the witness by the defense counsels
The witness was then questioned by defense counsels Georgopoulos, Tsagas, Velentza, and Papadeli.
Defense counsel Georgopoulos asked the witness why he has ruled out the possibility that the attack was an initiative of Siatounis himself. The witness stated that Siatounis testified in court that before the attack he received a phone call by someone called Kostas Mallias. Concerning the arrest of Stratos and Siatounis he said that the policemen that were on patrol in Pireos Avenue thought that they looked suspicious and arrested them, but that no Golden Dawn leaflets were found on their person.
He also said that the loud voice that relayed Golden Dawn’s greetings could have been heard outside the squat, and the same holds true of the phrase “Time’s up”.
Responding to another question the witness stated that Golden Dawn enjoyed procedural immunity by the police and that the policeman was asking for his name as the witness was wounded and bleeding and that he believes that the assailants said they were Golden Dawners in order to be acquitted. He also said that the phrase “Time’s up” was heard before he fell into a hemorrhagic shock during which he was unconscious for about 30 seconds.
Finally, he repeated that when Antipnoia’s case was in trial, [:Golden Dawn] MPs Lagos and Kasidiaris were present in the courtroom.
IV. Examination of witness Vasiliki Margari
A. Examination by the members of the court
Responding to questions from the members of the court the witness testified that she was in a Spanish class when a stout man came in, gave the Nazi salute, and said “Greetings by Golden Dawn, you’ll die you fucking cunts”. He was wearing his motorcycle helmet. Immediately afterwards a group of 10-15 people came in and the unprovoked attack commenced in earnest. Each of the assailants had a specific role, as she said, and also mentioned that one of the assailants was defendant A. Stratos. The attack lasted only one minute. The witness stated that she saw clearly the attack against G. Miliarakis. One of the assailants hit him on the head with a stool, a second one sprayed him in the eyes, and a third one stabbed him. The phrase “Time’s up” was then heard and the assailants departed immediately. When the witness went out she saw about 10-15 motorbikes, the last three of which had two people on them, and the license plates were hidden.
She also said that the attack wasn’t ordered by Stratos and Siatounis, and that Siatounis told the police that he was a member of the Golden Dawn central committee for seven years. Responding to another question, the witness said that Siatounis himself admitted that he received a phone call before the attack, and that even though Golden Dawn denied any connection with Siatounis, two years later he was up for election on Golden Dawn’s ballot.
The witness then mentioned a series of Golden Dawn attacks similar to that on Antipnoia, attacks that she has read about in the press, but also discussed with the victims themselves. The witness then mentioned the incident that took place outside the old Appeals Court and the attacks on Resalto (an anarchist squat in Keratsini) and on Thersitis (an anarchist squat in Ilion).
B. Examination by the civil action counsels
Responding to questions by the civil action counsels the witness stated that in May of 2011, when the Antipnoia attack was on trial, the defendants showed up with another 15 fascists and made obscene gestures and said “You’ll get fucked today”. Among the people present were MPs Lagos and Kasidiaris, who, as she said, came to clear up the case with their usual violent and indirect ways. The witness went on to say that their activity was troubling Golden Dawn, because they protest against every fascist group and that all the victims of Golden Dawn attacks are its ideological enemies. Responding to another question she said that Golden Dawn has a hierarchical top-down structure, and that Patelis himself has admitted this fact. She also mentioned Luqman’s murder, whose trial she followed closely, and the assault against a professor, after which the assailants were driven away in Kasidiaris’ car.
C. Examination of the witness by the defense counsels
Responding to questions by the defense counsels, the witness stated that she testified for the first time in 2011 and that from 2008 to 2011 there was no other trial, and that she was in the courtroom every time the trial was postponed. She said that a secretary called Miliarakis to testify before Mrs. Kliapa and that’s how she was notified too. She also stressed that she witnessed the assailants’ escape and that the license plates weren’t visible, but she can’t say if they had been removed or covered. The neighbors said that they were covered.
As for the presence of Lagos and Kasidiaris during the trial, the witness stated that it confirms Golden Dawn’s involvement in the attack in question and that she remembers Lagos running away along with the riot police squad. As she said, the people that had gathered in support of Golden Dawn were provocative, and were shouting “You’ll get fucked today”. Finally, she said that she considers Golden Dawn a paramilitary group, like all fascist and Nazi groups.
V. Examination of witness Aikaterini Gerouki

A. Examination by the members of the court

Responding to questions from the members of the court the witness testified that she was in a Spanish class in the Antipnoia squat when a stout man dressed in black came in, gave the Nazi salute, and said “Greetings by Golden Dawn, you’ll die you fucking cunts”. Fifteen people wearing helmets got in after him. Her first reaction was to retreat towards the library. She then recounted how she saw Siatounis with a knife in his hand ready to stab someone. He was stopped mid-move by the phrase “time’s up” which was shouted by the man who was standing next to the door keeping time, and who left along with the rest of the assailants. The witness went to the man that had been stabbed and gave him first aid, since she used to be a nurse. The wounded man was in hemorrhagic shock. She also said that the attack was unprovoked, and that even though the assailants weren’t acquainted with the victims she saw the assailant pass her by and go directly for Ruben. She also said that the targets of fascists have always been anarchists, immigrants, and communists, and that she knows of the attacks against Fyssas, Luqman, Villa Amalias, among others that she mentioned. What all the attacks have in common, she said, was the order given by phone call, as Siatounis himself admitted in court.
B. Examination by the civil action counsels
Responding to a relevant question, the witness stated that the assailants declared their political identity, because they wanted the victims to know who was terrorizing them. He also said that many members of Golden Dawn and MPs Lagos and Kasidiaris attended the previous trial. They came as a group and, as she said, they hit a woman on the head. She also said that in court, under the police officers’ indifferent gaze, Kasidiaris came to where she was standing with her son, moved as if to hit her, and said “You’ll die today”.
C. Cross-examination of the witness by the defense counsels
Responding to questions by the defense counsels, she said that when she was first shown photos of the assailants she identified them immediately. She also said that she heard from other eyewitnesses that there were more men dressed in black and carrying weapons outside Antipnoia. Responding to another question she said that when she was giving first aid to the wounded man, who was bleeding profusely, a police officer came and asked for her name, while she was asking him to help her with the wounded man. Finally, she denied the allegations that this was the first time she mentioned the behavior of Kasidiaris during the previous trial, as well as his attempt to hit her, and said that she has stated this before, and she has also mentioned the insults and the fact that they knocked a woman on the head.
At this point the presiding judge adjourned for Friday, February 24th, 2017, at 09:00, in the Court of Appeals.