Source: Guards at Greece’s Parliament had to eject a lawmaker with far-right Golden Dawn on Monday after he violently lashed out at a colleague. Ilias Kasidiaris, accused in the past for his violent response to perceived slights, was ejected after verbally assaulting New Democracy MP Nikos Dendias when the conservative lawmaker walked in front


Golden Dawn official remanded

Source: A 42-year-old member of Golden Dawn charged in connection with the beating of a 24-year-old student last Friday was remanded in custody yesterday after defending himself before an investigating magistrate. The suspect, who works at the neo-Nazi party’s Athens headquarters on Mesogeion Avenue and used to work in GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos’ office


GD official linked to attack on student given more time to prepare defense

Source: ekathimerini A 42-year-old official of Golden Dawn appeared before an investigating magistrate in connection with the violent beating of a 24-year-old student last Friday and was given until next Wednesday to reappear and defend himself. The suspect, who works at the neo-Nazi party’s Athens headquarters on Mesogeion Avenue and used to work in the


Golden Dawn MP accused of distributing racist material to pupils

Source: Golden Dawn lawmaker Yiannis Sachinidis has been referred to Parliament’s Ethics Committee to respond to accusations that he disseminated racist propaganda to students on a school visit to Parliament. Sachindis was rapped for passing out fliers, calendars and books to students from his constituency of Pella in northern Greece, which contained slogans like


Golden Dawn: Greek far-right party’s headquarters attacked with sledgehammers

Ultra-nationalists say they will not be discouraged by violence By Lizzie Dearden Source: Young men wielding sledgehammers have attacked the headquarters of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party. Police said several people were detained for questioning over the assault during the Friday morning rush hour in Athens. Youths smashed the glass front of a shop inside the


Golden Dawn loses a seat in Parliament

Golden Dawn lost an MP Saturday after Dimitris Koukoutsis declared himself an independent, reducing the far-right party’s representation in the 300-seat Parliament to 17 seats from 18. As a result of Koukoutsis’s departure, GD has slipped to fourth place in terms of representation in the House, as Democratic Alliance (PASOK and Democratic Left) rises into


Court clears Patra mayor, who denied GD a platform

A misdemeanors court in Patra on Thursday cleared the local mayor, Costas Peletidis, of charges of dereliction of duty that were lodged against him by Michalis Arvanitis, a former candidate for neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, in 2015 after Peletidis denied Arvanitis the right to use a municipal venue to stage a pre-election campaign. The decision to

Prosecutor to examine Golden Dawn raid on Perama school

Source: ekathimerini The Piraeus prosecutor’s office on Tuesday was examining a case file against neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn over a raid on a primary school in the suburb of Perama last week. The raid was led by prominent Golden Dawn MP Yiannis Lagos and was in protest at plans to admit 25 children from a


Far-right MP storms Athens school over refugee classes

Golden Dawn politician and his far-right supporters threaten staff for plans to offer classes to refugee children. Dozens of far-right supporters led by a member of Greece’s parliament have stormed a school in the capital, Athens, threatening staff over plans to provide classes to refugee children, according to Greek officials. Yiannis Lagos, an MP with